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Our FAQs

Shot Skis are a fun way to promote just about anything or liven up any party or event. Please read Frequency asked questions.


Q ~ Who invented the shot ski?


A ~  I did! No I’m just kidding, I wish I could take credit for the invention…but since I’ve done a shot ski at a bar in Park City Utah that was more than 40 years older than I am that isn’t true! While some believe the Norwegians or Austrians invented it…it is most likely the invention of a group of college students in Canada who first had the idea. Whoever invented it, thank you! Our American company took it to the pinnacle of perfection, and after years of research, develop and testing the shot ski we now proudly produce the finest ultra premium shot ski products in the world!


Q ~ How many shots are on a shot ski?


A ~ The number of shot glass mounts on the ski vary, and we have produced shot skis with 2,3,4,5 and 6 positions as well as some waterskis and snowboards! The 160cm (63”) with 4 mount positions is our standard design and by far the best and most common configuration for a shot ski.


Q ~ How do you hang a ski rack on the wall?


A ~ You click the link and you will find our shot ski wall display kit. The kit includes 2 wall brackets made of stainless steel and are laser cut on large skeets of stainless and the bends are made. You mount the brackets to the wall with the hardware furnished with the kit and your good to go…no more leaning the ski against the wall where it is vulnerable to damage. Unholster your shot ski…use it till the bar closes and re holster it! https  ~ //


Q ~ A When did shots become a thing?


A ~ We started building shot skis in 2010 and there was only one other guy with a shot ski website and he was selling to the public online. We’ve really seen a steady increase of interest over the las 12 years, and there are more companies competing for the business. They are so much fun I think the upward trend will continue. We have many parents buying Cutom graduation skis for their graduate…and an upward trend in custom wedding skis. 


Note ~ A shot ski is one of the best gifts ever because it will always generate memories and happy feeling when the owner breaks out it will ignite the crowd and get the party started off strong…VERY popular for tailgaters at sporting events!!!


Thanks for your interest in our shot skis, and we look forward to working with you!!!


We look forward to working together and producing a World Class Shot Ski for you and your crew…Cheers! ~ jim




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