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About Custom Shot Skis

Custom Shot Skis was created by Jim Hardin. He worked in graphic design and commercial print since 1978 in Huntington Beach, CA. Jim visited Northern Utah in 1982 on a ski trip and moved his family to Utah in 1984.

Blue Skies
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Our goal is to create the worlds finest custom shot skis for all clients. Custom shot skis bring people together and are the life of the party! Shot skis increase sales for nightclubs and bars as they are a 4 up design and people love to take photos!


 We have designed and  built  all of the custom molds to make shot skis and shot ski mounts, and we have sourced all of the high tech components necessary to produce the finest custom shot skis in the world! We have built thousands of shot skis for some of the largest distilleries and resorts in the world. We hope to hear from you soon, Thanks…and Cheers! ~ Team Shot Skis

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