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My name is Jim Hardin and I started working in the commercial printing business in 1978 in Huntington Beach, CA. I fell in love with Northern Utah after my first ski trip here in 1982. I moved my family here in 1984, and started my Company in 1985. I met some partners and we built a large printing company, acquiring a 28” 6 color offset press as well as several smaller presses, cutters, folders, booklet makers and digital printing equipment as well as a full compliment of print finishing equipment.

DSCF0598 9.25.09 AM.jpeg
DSCF0598 9.25.09 AM.jpeg


In 2010 a client asked us to make a  shot ski for her Son in Law. I had never heard of a shot ski and there was no information about shot skis online! We decided the best production method would be to create a vehicle wrap for the shot ski and include the colors, logos, etc. The client was so excited when she saw the shot ski she cried and hugged me and we immediately built another shot ski for her! We were busy with our commercial print business and considered the shot ski business a hobby….building shot skis for family and friends for special occasions and events. We started getting so many requests for custom shot skis we decided to create our Company Shot Ski Division. For the last 12 years our goal has been to create the most high tech graphic shot skis in the world, and mission accomplished! We have the most experienced and talented ski design studio in the world…and our design team has created more custom shot ski deck designs than all other designers in the world combined! 


 We have designed and  built  all of the custom molds to make shot skis and shot ski mounts, and we have sourced all of the high tech components necessary to produce the finest custom shot skis in the world! We have built thousands of shot skis for some of the largest distilleries and resorts in the world. We hope to hear from you soon, Thanks…and Cheers! ~ Jim

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